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Rancilio Classe 5 ST-1 [Ice White] – Reservoir

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Classe 5 ST-1: A perfect entry level home espresso machine.

Features and Functionality:

  • Manual dosing: You control the length and volume of your shot.
  • Commercial Grade: durable copper,  brass, and stainless-steel parts & components.
  • Color options: Ice white or Anthracite  black side panels option.
  • C-lever Steam Valve: An effortless quarter turn activates this steam valve. Push up to stay on or pull down to hold and release.
  • Easy Clean-up: Drain tray and grate are easy to remove for easy clean-up. Dishwasher safe.
  • Heat Exchange: The Classe 5 models now have an independent heat exchange for each group. The temperature stability is dramatically increased compared to its predecessors the Z-11 and S-27. (Result: No more steaming from grouphead or burnt tasting espresso)
  • Single boiler: Single 4.0L boiler with heat exchange design.
  • 110v Power: Simple 110v power with a 1600w heating element. Heat time is approximately 12-15 minutes from cold.
  • Pump: Light-duty vibrating pump. This can be good or bad depending on your view of espresso philosophy. Natural pre-infusion?
  • Portafilters: Unit comes stock with two portafilters, a single and a double.

$2,899.00 $2,599.00



  • The All NEW Classe-5 ST-1 is a significant upgrade from the Rancilios Silvia (home-line)
  • Unlike the Silvia, the Classe 5 ST-1 features boiler-pressure gauge and allows simultaneous  steaming and brewing action!
  • Internal water reservoir; no plumbing required!
  • Commercial grade durability and reliability. A sure trademark of Rancilio.
  • Better temperature stability than it’s predecessors the Z-11’s and S-27’s.
  • Works great as a light duty catering machine or even host your next party!
  • Your very own espresso machine can cut your daily coffee tab by $3-5 or more per day!


Things to Consider:

Espresso Connection Warranty: Classe 5 ST-1  manufacturer  warranty covers 1 year parts and labor starting on original ship date.

External Plastic: While the Classe 5 exterior and panels are made of plastic, which can wear over time, the interior parts and components are well designed, durable, and well built.

Manual Control: No programmable buttons on the ST-1. This can be good or bad depending on your espresso philosophy.


Click the Contact us page for further details, questions, and other water recommendations.


Espresso Connection Recommends:

  • Reduce Wear: In order to reduce wear & tear on your Classe 5 ST-1 it is best to leave your machine on at all times if using on a daily basis. Less energy is required when the machine is left on and less fatigue on the copper tubes, pipes, brass etc. The Classe 5 ST-1 has an auto-refill feature.
  • Water Filtration: Filtered tap or bottled water alone is not enough. Espresso machines require softened/treated water to prevent scale build-up. Mix 2-3 parts distilled water to one part filtered (bottled) water. This will greatly prolong the life span of the machine and improve the coffee flavor. Our target is number 150ppm of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS).
  • Care for your Classe 5 ST-1: Clean your grouphead(s) daily with a brush and damp towel. Backflush daily. Clean the steam wand(s) after every use; purge before and after every use. Clean, disassemble and soak portafilter(s) and baskets at lease once a week in Puly Caf detergent.
Weight 62 lbs
Dimensions 19 x 22 x 15.2 in

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