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Rocket R60v Pressure Profiling Espresso Machine

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Rocket R60v: Simply Put.. Dual boiler, PID Temp Control And Pressure Profiling Espresso Machine Dedicated to Coffee Perfection. Made in Italy.

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What  to Consider:

Espresso Connection Warranty: Rocket manufacture warranty covers 1 year parts and labor starting on original ship date.

Setup & Install: Rocket R60v are quite easy to setup/install. Simply add water, turn on and let fill. Then purge group head, let machine heat and enjoy! Refer to manual for further instructions.

Espresso Connection Recommends:

  • Reduce Wear: In order to reduce wear & tear on your Rocket it is best to leave your machine on at all times if using on a daily basis. Less energy is required when the machine is left on and less fatigue on the copper tubes, pipes, brass etc. The Rocket has an auto-refill feature.
  • Water Filtration: Filtered tap or bottled water alone is not enough. Espresso machines require softened/treated water to prevent scale build-up. Mix 2-3 parts distilled water to one part filtered (bottled) water. This will greatly prolong the life span of the machine and improve the coffee flavor. Our target is number 150ppm of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS).
  • Care for your Rocket: Clean your grouphead(s) daily with a brush and damp towel. Backflush daily. Clean the steam wand(s) after every use; purge before and after every use. Clean, disassemble and soak portafilter(s) and baskets at lease once a week in Puly Caf detergent.

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Weight 68 lbs

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